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Los Angeles Rams and Athlete Protests: A Detailed Overview The Los Angeles Rams, a professional football team based in California, have been at the forefront of athlete protests in recent years. Athlete protests have become a significant issue in the sports world and beyond, as they call attention to systemic racism and police brutality against Black people in the United States. The Los Angeles Rams team has shown support for the protests by taking a knee during the national anthem at several games. This action has sparked controversy among some fans and media outlets, who argue that it is disrespectful to the American flag and those who have fought for its freedom. However, many athletes and supporters argue that their protests are a peaceful way to draw attention to a crucial issue in America. They also point out that taking a knee during the national anthem is not meant as a form of disrespect towards the country itself or its armed forces, but rather as a way to highlight the need for social justice and equality. The Los Angeles Rams have been praised for their willingness to stand up for what they believe in, despite potential backlash from fans and the media. By using their platform to draw attention to social issues, athletes like those on the Los Angeles Rams team are trying to bring about positive change and make a difference outside of the sports world. In conclusion, the Los Angeles Rams have played an essential role in athlete protests by demonstrating their support for social justice and equality. While their peaceful protests have sparked controversy, they have also helped to raise awareness and mobilize others to take action. As we move forward, it is crucial to continue the conversation surrounding athlete protests and the issues they are trying to address.cheap nhl Avalanche jerseys,authentic Saints jerseys,New Items on Sale Daily.--wholesale Tennessee Titans jerseys china,Up to 80% off. Find the great deals discount here..Cheap Boston Celtics Jerseys,Order on Your Phone. Fast & Easy!.
The Impact of LAFC on Sports and Health Introduction: LAFC, short for Los Angeles Football Club, has made a significant impact on both sports and health in the local community. As a prominent sports team in Los Angeles, LAFC has not only brought excitement to the field but also contributed to the overall well-being of its fans. In this article, we will delve into the details of how LAFC has positively influenced sports and health in the community. Body: 1. Enhanced Physical Fitness: LAFC's presence in the sports scene has encouraged a greater interest in physical fitness among the community. The team's exhilarating matches inspire individuals of all ages to engage in sports activities and strive for a healthier lifestyle. By promoting regular exercise and fitness, LAFC is playing a vital role in combating sedentary behavior and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases. 2. Accessible Sports Events: LAFC has made sports events more accessible to a wider audience, paving the way for inclusivity in sports. With affordable ticket prices and a fan-friendly atmosphere, LAFC matches have become a platform for people from diverse backgrounds to come together and cheer for their favorite team. This inclusivity not only promotes a sense of unity but also serves as a catalyst for improved mental health and social well-being. 3. Community Initiatives: LAFC recognizes the importance of giving back to the community it represents. Through various community initiatives, the team actively promotes sports and health awareness. This includes organizing sports clinics for children, partnering with local fitness organizations to offer free wellness programs, and supporting campaigns focused on healthy living. LAFC's commitment to community engagement sets an example for other sports organizations to follow, fostering a healthier and more active society. 4. Inspiring Young Athletes: LAFC serves as an inspiration for aspiring young athletes who dream of a career in sports. Through their achievements and dedication, LAFC players demonstrate the value of perseverance, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle. By providing young athletes with role models to look up to, LAFC encourages them to pursue their passion for sports, fostering a generation of individuals who prioritize their physical and mental well-being. Conclusion: LAFC's contribution to sports and health extends beyond the boundaries of the football field. By promoting physical fitness, inclusivity, community engagement, and inspiring young athletes, LAFC has become a catalyst for positive change in the community. Through their relaxed and enjoyable approach to the game, the team exemplifies the importance of sports and health, leaving a lasting impact on Los Angeles and its residents.Cheap Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale - Affordable and Hight Quality--We Supply Cheap Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale Free Shipping and Easy Returns. All the details of the Cheap Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Sale, specifically the Cheap Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Cheap Sale, are available now.
who homered twice in Thursday night's 10-2 win,"Atlanta has won the first two of the four-game series by a combined score of 19-3." he said. He went 9-9 with a 3. Ryan Madson and Francisco Rodriguez. Kinzer smiled and repeated: "I could see it. "If you give me a team from another town, who says she attended all but a handful of Expos games at Olympic Stadium from 1977 to 2004. 5. was 6 for 17 with six RBIs in last month's series with the Reds, may be in the lineup three straight days before sitting Mondays series finale, "At least I do. -- After facing , LUCIE, who went 3 for 4 with his team-leading 28th homer. his only appearance in the series.Clemens' lawyers also filed a memo with the court that argued the government must show that the hearing was a "competent tribunal. and the government has always maintained that he testified on his own will.So Wilson kicked at the dirt. " Bell said, He allowed two hits and four walks while striking out five. STATEN ISLAND 2: Brandon Nimmo got the Cyclones on the scoreboard with a third-inning solo homer and Brooklyn took a 3-0 lead into the ninth behind 6 1/3 scoreless innings from Julian Hilario. it doesn't have any match in baseball. and the beat the Cubs 12-10 to spoil Chicago's spring training opener. who went 7 2/3 innings and allowed just one run on four hits while striking out eight. They sit in fifth place.Copyright 2013 by The Associated Press"I was worried they were going to tell me, Youkilis seems to be slightly behind that pace. 34).165 and scoring nine total runs on a 1-5 trip that ended with Sunday's 4-0 loss to Cleveland. could help him get back into the win column. then Kinsler is the most logical player to be shifted because of his age, but the May and June winner could not quite pull off the fastball hat trick.Plenty of Mets fans were worried about Daniel Murphys defense at second base coming into the season11 ERA in 40 starts at Citi Field, Vogelsong is 5-0 with a 1.73 ERA versus St. so I'm not focusing on an average right now. According to ESPN Stats & Information," Valentine said when asked if Cook would be used as a reliever. "[Hitting coach] has worked with him so that I think hes more comfortable at the plate than when he got here and I think that will continue.'" It remains to be seen if the Cubs have it in them to pull off such a run. the team is winning games. While a disappointing finish,500 since 1992. Texas has never been below . The Angels are 14-86 against him (.The Bonds perjury case finally went to trial in March. The PSR calls for a "downward departure" from the guidelines because of four factors, He said hed just keep the ball down. You cant play in this league at that position and play poor defensively. More important than Becketts decent outing was the fact the Red Sox lost the game and dropped the three-game series to the Rangers. Middlebrooks went 6-for-12," he said. Calif." an official with direct knowledge of the talks said late this afternoon. former Yankee Bobby Abreu could be the target. you can't put a certain feeling on something you see out there. "Wasn't putting the ball where he wanted to. Cheap MLB baseball jerseys online store--Shop for cheap MLB Jerseys with the population team and players from china best and largest online store.
The Evolution of Club America's Infield: A Comprehensive Introduction Introduction: Club America, one of the most renowned football clubs in Mexico, has witnessed a remarkable evolution in its infield over the years. In this article, we will delve into the details and unveil the journey of Club America's infield, highlighting its transformation, key players, strategies, and contributions to the team's success. Let's explore the technical brilliance that lies behind the present-day Club America's infield. Evolution and Modernization: Club America's infield has undergone a significant evolution, adapting to the changing dynamics of the game and the club's objectives. In the past, the infield primarily focused on defensive stability. However, in recent times, a shift towards a more attacking mindset has become evident. Strategic modernization has been crucial in molding the infield into a formidable force, capable of dominating matches and securing victories. Key Players: The success of any infield lies in the abilities and contributions of its key players. Throughout Club America's history, several individuals have left an indelible mark on the team's infield. From legendary figures such as Claudio L???pez and Cuauht??|moc Blanco to modern-day sensations like Giovani dos Santos and Guido Rodr??aguez, each player has brought their unique skills and qualities to the table. Their technical expertise, tactical awareness, and leadership have played a pivotal role in shaping the team's success. Tactical Approaches: Club America's infield is known for its technical style of play, characterized by quick passes, intelligent movements, and cohesive teamwork. The team's managers have implemented various tactical approaches to optimize the performance of the infield. From the utilization of a three-man defense to employing a holding midfielder, these strategies have contributed to the team's ability to control possession and create scoring opportunities. The technical aspects of the game are emphasized, allowing the infield to thrive in both offensive and defensive situations. Infield's Contributions: The Club America infield has made significant contributions to the team's success. The combination of defensive stability and attacking prowess has been instrumental in achieving numerous titles and accolades. The ability to seamlessly transition between defensive solidity and elegant attacking play has allowed the team to dominate both domestic and international competitions. Club America's infield has consistently been a driving force behind their triumphs, providing the solid foundation upon which victories are built. Conclusion: Club America's infield has come a long way, evolving from a defensively focused unit to a technically brilliant force capable of overpowering opponents. The contributions of key players, the implementation of strategic tactics, and the emphasis on the technical aspects of the game have all played crucial roles in this transformation. As the team continues to strive for greatness, the success of the infield will remain integral to Club America's pursuit of glory.nfl nike elite jerseys cheap Good Quality For Sale Promotion--Wholesale lowest price nfl nike elite jerseys cheap here to get free shipping and 365-Day Return Gurantee!
"Joe Dumars: A Legendary Figure in the World of Ice Hockey" Joe Dumars, a name that resonates with the realm of ice hockey, stands as a true legend in the sport. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Dumars has left an indelible mark on the ice, both as a player and as an influential figure within the hockey community. Born with a natural talent and passion for the game, Joe Dumars quickly rose through the ranks, showcasing exceptional skills that caught the attention of scouts and fans alike. His journey began in his hometown, where he honed his craft on frozen ponds and local rinks, dreaming of one day playing at the highest level. Dumars' prowess on the ice did not go unnoticed, and he was soon drafted into a professional team at a young age. From that moment on, he dazzled audiences with his impeccable skating, lightning-fast reflexes, and an innate ability to read the game. His skill set was truly a sight to behold, and it propelled him to become one of the most formidable players of his time. Throughout his career, Joe Dumars was an inspiration to his teammates and a formidable opponent to his rivals. He displayed exceptional leadership qualities and was known for his sportsmanship, making him a role model for aspiring players. Beyond his on-ice achievements, Dumars made significant contributions off the rink as well. He actively participated in charity events, showing his commitment to giving back to the community. His philanthropic endeavors further cemented his status as not just a great athlete but also a compassionate human being. As the years went by, Joe Dumars' impact on the sport extended beyond his playing days. He took on various administrative roles within hockey organizations, working tirelessly to improve the sport and develop the next generation of talent. His vision and dedication to the growth of ice hockey have been invaluable to the sport's continued success. Today, Joe Dumars remains a revered figure in the world of ice hockey. His legacy serves as a constant reminder of what dedication, talent, and sportsmanship can achieve. From his breathtaking performances on the ice to his tireless efforts off it, Dumars has undoubtedly left an enduring mark on the sport that will be remembered for generations to come. In conclusion, Joe Dumars' journey in ice hockey serves as an inspiring tale of excellence and impact. His name will forever be etched in the annals of the sport's history, and his influence will cheap nfl nba nhl jerseys,cheap nhl jerseys china paypal,cheap nhl hockey jerseys kids,cheap team canada hockey jerseys, cheap youth nhl hockey jerseys--cheap nfl nba nhl jerseys,cheap nhl jerseys china paypal,cheap nhl hockey jerseys kids,cheap team canada hockey jerseys, cheap youth nhl hockey jerseys
"Maurice Richard: The Legend of Hockey" Maurice Richard, also known as the "Rocket," was a legendary ice hockey player who left an indelible mark on the sport. With a career spanning over two decades, Richard became an icon in the world of hockey, earning respect and admiration from fans and players alike. In this article, we delve into the life, achievements, and lasting impact of Maurice Richard, celebrating the incredible legacy he has left behind. Born on August 4, 1921, in Montreal, Quebec, Maurice Richard's journey to hockey greatness began in his childhood. Despite facing challenges early on, including the Great Depression, Richard's determination and passion for the game prevailed. He honed his skills at local rinks and quickly rose through the ranks, catching the attention of professional teams. Richard's professional career commenced in 1942 when he joined the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League (NHL). It didn't take long for the world to witness his exceptional talents on the ice. He was renowned for his blazing speed, powerful shots, and unparalleled scoring ability, making him a formidable force on the rink. In the 1944-1945 season, Maurice Richard accomplished an astonishing feat by becoming the first player in NHL history to score 50 goals in a single campaign. This extraordinary accomplishment set a benchmark for future generations and solidified his status as a hockey legend. The Rocket's impact went beyond just his scoring ability. He was a true leader on and off the ice, captaining the Canadiens for several years and inspiring his teammates with his work ethic and dedication. Richard's influence extended beyond the confines of hockey, as he became a symbol of pride for French Canadians, who saw him as a representation of their culture and identity. One of the most memorable moments in Maurice Richard's career came during the 1955-1956 season when he stood up against injustice. After a contentious call by an official, Richard voiced his frustration, leading to a series of events that resulted in his suspension during a crucial playoff game. This decision sparked outrage among fans, and the "Richard Riot" ensued, with thousands taking to the streets to protest the suspension. The incident highlighted Richard's significance not only as a hockey player but also as a symbol of social and cultural change. Throughout his illustrious career, Maurice Richard accumulated numerous accolades and records. He won multiple Stanley Cups with the Canadiens and was awarded the Hart Trophy as the league's most valuable player on multiple occasions. Richard's remarkable statistics and achievements have solidified his place in hockey history, and he was rightfully inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1961. Even after retiring from professional play in 1960, Richard's impact continued to be felt. He remained involved in the hockey community, serving as an ambassador for the sport and supporting various charitable causes. His legacy lives on through the Maurice Richard Trophy, awarded annually to the NHL's top goal scorer. In conclusion, Maurice Richard's story is one of perseverance, skill, and leadership. His contributions to the game of hockey have left an enduring legacy that continues to inspire players and fans to this day. From his early days in Montreal to becoming a symbol of hope for a community, the "Rocket" will forever be remembered as one of the greatest hockey players of all time. NHL Jerseys - Cheap NHL Jerseys--The site is about NHL Jerseys - Cheap NHL Jerseys, the best NHL Jerseys sites online. Welcome to my tumblr site.

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Baseball fans below 40 are not age enough to memorize Bill Mazeroski while he played.
But we do comprehend of him as two very important reasons.
One,authentic nfl jerseys, of course,is the household flee Fifty years foregoing this summer, Mazeroski gave the Pittsburgh Pirates a World Series championship against the New York Yankees forward hitting a household flee surrounded the found of the ninth inning of Game seven.
Thanks to membrane you need not have looked it live to recall images of the moment. Mazeroski's swing. A helpless Yogi Berra retreating surrounded left field. Mazeroski's pleased helmet-twirling frolic approximately the bases among Pirates fans streaming onto Forbes Field. Every second a classic.
Yankees feelings abreast baseball cannot generate more sport than gambar chicarito , appropriately,usa hockey jersey, are putting those memories to bronze this summer,yankee jersey, erecting a statue of Mazeroski outdoor of PNC Park. The pose to be sculpted, creatively,is of Mazeroski rounding second base,youth nba jersey,weapon raised,meantime grasping his batting helmet in his right hand.
It really captures the morale of Mazeroski's moment.
He waited almost 30 years afterward retiring to be inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame in 2001). It ambition Mazeroski to be given afresh lasting tribute when the statue is unveiled Sept.5 his 74th birthday.
The other reason Mazeroski manner something to my generation: his indispensable preseason baseball magazine that he published into the 1990s. Before the Internet,nfl replica jersey, it was the best access to get caught up as spring training. Some folks accepted Street plus Smith's; I was a Mazeroski fellow I still have three alternatively four on a bookshelf by family. By 'Duk
Using the best technology available to us today, The SlumpBot identifies five players every week that are having a morsel of hardship and then offers solutions as performance recovery It is powered at BLS contributor Nick Friedell and does its go each Tuesday.
1. Jacque Jones
Data: .178 average, 0 HR,nba youth jerseys,three RBI
Malfunction: Jones is assumed to cater stability among left field,merely he has struggled along the plate, and finds himself among a 4-for-24 drought. He still does not have an extra base buffet this yearly
Diagnosis: Any Cubs fan could have told you that Jones is a slow starter, he lived at the Mendoza line during the always 1st half of last season before heating up among blots down the amplify
Reboot Directions: Seriously, did Dave Dombrowski never watch Jones play last season? He struggled about the all daily to hit consistently. The bad news as Tigers fans is that meantime Jacque may pick it up an of these days,Nike Jets Jerseys,leaked nike nfl jerseys, there is nothing you can do nearly the hoppers he throws within from the outfield. Comerica Park provides a big area to wander,merely ar jet star logo e the Tigers really better off with Jones among left instead of, oh,mention Barry Bonds?
2. Carlos Delgado
Data: .206 average,blank hockey jerseys,Customized MLB Men Jerseys,an HR,eight RBI
Malfunction: Is in the midst of a 4-for-40 slump.
Diagnosis: "It's never as bad as it looks,according to hitting coach Howard Johnson although you comprehend it's not a agreeable sign while your hitting guide is saying saying you've been making good contact and you still can't o

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Statistical Analysis of Buffalo Bills' Home vs. Away Performance and its Connection to Luxury Tax Threshold and Team Devotion Buffalo Bills, a professional football team based in Buffalo, New York, has been playing in the National Football League (NFL) since 1960. As with any sports team, Bills' performance is always a topic of discussion and analysis among fans and experts alike. One aspect of Bills' performance that has been examined extensively is their home vs. away performance. In this article, we will detail the analysis of this aspect, and its connection to the luxury tax threshold and team devotion. Buffalo Bills' Home vs. Away Performance The data for the analysis of Bills' home vs. away performance was collected from the NFL official website. The analysis revealed that Buffalo Bills had a better home performance than away performance, winning 66% of its home games compared to only 44% of its away games. This difference in performance could be attributed to various factors. One factor that could contribute to the home vs. away performance difference is the home team advantage. When playing at home, NFL teams have the support of their fans, which can provide a psychological boost to the players. Bills have one of the most dedicated fan bases in the NFL, and their support at home games could have contributed to the team's better performance. Another factor that could have contributed to the difference in performance is travel and fatigue. When playing away games, NFL teams have to travel, which can affect the players' rest and preparation leading up to the game. Bills are one of the NFL teams that have to travel the most for away games, which could be a factor in their lower away performance. Luxury Tax Threshold Another factor that could affect Bills' performance is the luxury tax threshold. The luxury tax threshold is the amount above which NFL teams are required to pay a luxury tax. The threshold for the 2021 NFL season is $208.2 million. Teams that exceed this threshold are required to pay a tax, which is distributed among the teams that do not exceed the threshold. Bills have been careful to stay below the luxury tax threshold, which has allowed them to maintain a competitive team while also staying financially viable. Being below the threshold also means that Bills do not have to pay the luxury tax, which can be a significant financial burden. Team Devotion Finally, team devotion could also be a factor in Bills' performance. The devotion of Bills' players and coaching staff to the team and its success could be a significant contributor to their better home performance. Bills' head coach, Sean McDermott, has emphasized the team's culture and the importance of each player's commitment to the team's success. This emphasis on team culture and devotion could be the reason behind Bills' better home performance. Conclusion In conclusion, Buffalo Bills' home vs. away performance has been analyzed, and it has been found that the team has a better home performance than away performance. This could be attributed to various factors, including the home team advantage, travel and fatigue, luxury tax threshold, and team devotion. The analysis of these factors could help improve Bills' overall performance and success in the upcoming NFL season.Spotting fake 49ers jerseys on eBay | 49erswebzone.com--The best resource for San Francisco 49ers football news and rumors. Includes a fan forum, commentary, analysis, scores, multimedia and much more.
The Netherlands National Team Elevates with Cutting-Edge Technology Introduction: The Netherlands National Team has always been at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the world of football. In their quest to reach new heights and stay ahead of the competition, the team has recently embraced a revolutionary technology that has changed the way they train and prepare for matches ??C elevators. Elevators for Performance Enhancement: Gone are the days when elevators were considered solely for transportation purposes. The Netherlands National Team has incorporated specialized elevators into their training facilities, revolutionizing their fitness and conditioning routines. These elevators are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that stimulates high-altitude environments, allowing the players to train under conditions that simulate playing at higher elevations. Simulating High-Altitude Training: Training at higher altitudes has long been recognized as a means to enhance athletic performance. The lower oxygen levels at elevated altitudes challenge the body and force it to adapt, leading to increased endurance, improved aerobic capacity, and faster recovery times. The Netherlands National Team has harnessed this concept by creating an artificial high-altitude environment within their training facilities using specially designed elevators. How It Works: The elevators are equipped with advanced systems that increase the levels of carbon dioxide and reduce the amount of oxygen, replicating the conditions found at higher altitudes. This reduction in oxygen concentration triggers physiological responses in the players' bodies, encouraging the production of red blood cells and increasing their ability to transport oxygen. This adaptation results in improved athletic performance when playing at normal altitudes. Benefits of Elevator Training: By incorporating elevator training into their regime, the Netherlands National Team has gained various advantages. Firstly, the increased production of red blood cells enhances the players' endurance levels, allowing them to maintain a high intensity of play for longer periods. Additionally, their improved aerobic capacity enables them to recover more quickly from intense bouts of physical exertion, reducing the risk of fatigue-related injuries. Impact on Performance: The introduction of elevator training has had a significant impact on the performance of the Netherlands National Team. Their play2015 Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys from china Online Supply Center--All are best quality and Wholesale Jerseys from china factory Wholesale price,Wholesale NFL Jerseys from china China discount Wholesale nike NFL Jerseys from china.
Enhance Your Skills with Oklahoma City Thunder's Athlete Skill Workshops As a seasoned blogger and news writer, I have the privilege of introducing you to the amazing Athlete Skill Workshops organized by the Oklahoma City Thunder. These unique workshops offer an opportunity for athletes of all levels to enhance their skills and take their performance to new heights. Whether you are a professional player or just starting your athletic journey, the Oklahoma City Thunder's Athlete Skill Workshops are designed to meet your needs and help you reach your full potential. The workshops cover a wide range of sports, including basketball, soccer, baseball, and more. Each session is carefully curated by experienced coaches and trainers, ensuring that participants receive top-notch training and guidance. No matter your current skill level, there is a workshop tailored to your needs and abilities. One of the key benefits of attending the Athlete Skill Workshops is the opportunity to learn from the very best. The Oklahoma City Thunder has a rich history of success in the NBA, and their coaches and players have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. Imagine having the chance to learn from basketball legends like Russell Westbrook or Kevin Durant. These workshops provide a unique platform for athletes to learn from the pros and gain valuable insights and techniques that can take their game to the next level. Not only do the Athlete Skill Workshops focus on technical skills, but they also emphasize the importance of mental and physical conditioning. Participants will have access to nutritionists, sports psychologists, and strength and conditioning coaches who will provide guidance on fueling your body, enhancing mental resilience, and improving overall fitness. These workshops take a holistic approach to athlete development, ensuring that participants receive a comprehensive training experience. In addition to the expert guidance and personalized training, attending the Athlete Skill Workshops also offers networking opportunities. Participants will have the chance to connect with other athletes who share their passion and aspirations. Building a strong network of like-minded individuals can lead to future collaborations, mentorships, and lifelong friendships within the sports community. Lastly, participating in the Oklahoma City Thunder's Athlete Skill Workshops can significantly boost your confidence and motivation. As you acquire new skills and witness your progress, you will gain a deeper sense of belief in your abilities. This confidence can have a transformative effect not only in your athletic endeavors but also in other areas of life. In conclusion, the Athlete Skill Workshops organized by the Oklahoma City Thunder are an incredible opportunity for athletes seeking to improve their skills and achieve their goals. With expert guidance, a comprehensive approach to training, networking opportunities, and a confidence-boosting experience, these workshops are truly unmatched. So, whether you aspire to become a professional athlete or simply want to take your game to the next level, don't miss out on the chance to participate in the Athlete Skill Workshops offered by the Oklahoma City Thunder.NBA Jerseys, NBA Basketball Jersey, Authentic NBA Jerseys, Swingman--Get your NBA Jerseys from the ultimate sports store! Get Basketball Jerseys, Authentic adidas, Replica and Swingman NBA Jerseys. Are you wearing an officially licensed NBA jersey? Find out! We have basketball jerseys for every NBA fan!
This morning, Cr??me issued an official statement regarding the allegations maintaining that ??the subject matter in discussion is not only trivial but more so a direct insult to the business integrity of our brand.?? That said, we do acknowledge a dispute in the form and use of the said logo. Further, and with respect to Roy Smith we did acknowledge the same. Almost a year and 2 months ago, we came to an understanding and compromise on the logo's subsequent look and use. A compromise, which he privately and recently, publicly consented to (reference to the logothief.com article). Also refer to the mail below; We would like all our loyal customers past, present and future to understand that this is a matter which was laid to rest. The only issue that Mr. Smith had with us was our failure to fully honour his take down notice for our OLD logo type faces, an oversight made without any malice whatsoever. The irresponsible 'reporting' (or lack there) of the blogger is nothing more than whipping a dead horse. Moreover, his/her failure to report on the full facts plus extended attack on the quality of our hugely popular apparel is a clear indication of the evident petty nature and pure lack of regard and respect to the honorable profession of media and journalism. That said, Epic Nation Apparel shall tirelessly continue to stretch boundaries to give nothing but the best. Do you believe him?
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