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Not much. Maybe a seventh-round pick. A sixth-round choice at absolute best. Maybe nothing at all because there probably will be better backup quarterbacks available elsewhere.

My guess is,customize nfl jersey, unless some other team is totally desperate and wants to give up something for McCown,nba throwback jersey, he'll open the season on Tampa Bay's roster as the No. 2 quarterback.

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White entered the game with Baltimore as one of only a handful of receivers who had not dropped a pass this season. But White dropped two very catchable passes in the final three minutes,hockey jersey design, 23 seconds of the victory. He bounced back,NBA Kids Basketball Jerseys,nfl jersey numbers,nfl jersey sale, though,hockey jersey custom, and caught the game-winning touchdown with 20 seconds remaining.

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Sports Blog Roddy White’s perfect streak ends
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Sports Blog What does future hold for McCown?

White also was more of a downfield threat against Baltimore than he had been earlier in the season. White had five receptions 15 yards or more downfield. He had been averaging only two such receptions per game through the first eight games.

ATLANTA – Roddy White’s perfect season ended Thursday night,youth nba jersey,reebok football jersey, moments before he made perhaps his biggest play of the year.

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Posted by's Pat Yasinskas

The above statistics are from ESPN Stats & Information.

That leaves Jason Witten,basketball jerseys for sale, Eddie Royal and Lance Moore as the only players who have been targeted at least 50 times and have not dropped a pass. White’s two drops leave him at fifth in the league,nfl jerseys authentic, one spot behind Larry Fitzgerald,baseball jerseys custom, who has one drop.

I still think McCown will stay with the Bucs. Think about it. They don't want Josh Freeman playing anytime soon. If they trade McCown,football jerseys, Freeman would be the backup and only a Leftwich injury away from playing.


Well,sports jersey, don't get too caught up in all those trade rumors. Sure,football practice jerseys,Lightning Jerseys,nike nfl, the Bucs gladly would listen to any offer for McCown. But let's be realistic,nike soccer jerseys,hockey jersey customization,chinese nfl jerseys, what could they really get in return for a guy who didn't exactly pu

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Official Blog of the National Football League,yankee jersey

At 57 years old and in his fourth job as an offensive coordinator,black football jersey, Chan Gailey is the very definition of a veteran NFL coach. Those facts alone make Gailey an odd mix with the Chiefs’ new head coach,mlb jersey shirts, Todd Haley,nfl cheap jerseys, who at 41 made his reputation as offensive coordinator and play-caller the last two seasons for the high scoring Arizona Cardinals.

Throw in Haley’s possible desire to call the offensive plays,womens football jerseys, as some in the Chiefs’ organization believe he plans to do,Blue Jays Jerseys,wholesale sports jerseys,cheapest nfl jerseys, and Gailey appears even more the spare part. So far,cheap authentic nfl jerseys, at least,make your own basketball jersey, Gailey survives. The Chiefs last week dumped five of the remaining members of Herm Edwards’ coaching staff.

Gailey is one of four others still employed,nike hockey jersey, joining offensive-line coaches Bob Bicknell and Joe D’Alessandris and defensive-line coach Tim Krumrie. While one source indicated that doesn’t mean any or all of the four will be retained once Haley’s staff is set,football jersey designer, another said Bicknell has been told be will be invited to stay,sports jersey framing, perhaps as the tight ends coach. Gailey’s situation may yet to have played itself out.

Today’s KC Star reports that Chan Gailey could be on his way out now that Todd Haley is in the house as head coach. Here is the report in today’s edition.

By Staff |
Guidelines: Fan feedback should be within the guidelines for the NFL community. These guidelines will be used to identify those comments that will be removed from display on the site. Please keep your comments relevant to the topic,customize a basketball jersey, not abusive or combatant towards other fans,baseball jersey design, and don’t share any personal details. Use the “Report” link to help keep the community at its best.
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