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A Detailed Introduction to Post-Match Rest and Mental Relaxation for Players Content: Being a professional athlete is a demanding job that requires not only physical fitness but also mental agility. After an intense match, players need to ensure they have adequate rest and relaxation to recover effectively. This article will delve into the importance of post-match rest and mental relaxation, focusing on the legendary baseball player Willie Mays and the impact of quality sleep on athletes. Post-match rest is crucial for athletes as it allows their bodies to recover from physical exertion. When players engage in high-intensity activities, their muscles experience wear and tear, and rest is necessary to repair and rebuild these muscles. Moreover, rest helps reduce the risk of injuries and promotes overall well-being, ensuring players are ready for future matches. Willie Mays, a legendary baseball player, recognized the significance of post-match rest and made it an integral part of his routine. Mays was known to prioritize sleep and would advocate for its importance among his fellow athletes. He believed that quality sleep was the key to maintaining optimal performance on the field. Sleep quality plays a vital role in an athlete's overall well-being. When athletes prioritize getting enough high-quality sleep, they experience improved cognitive function, enhanced reaction times, and heightened decision-making abilities. Quality sleep also helps regulate hormones, aids in faster recovery, and strengthens the immune system, all of which are essential for athletes to perform at their best. To ensure better sleep quality, athletes can incorporate various strategies into their routine. Creating a sleep-friendly environment by darkening the room, reducing noise, and maintaining a comfortable temperature can significantly improve sleep. Additionally, establishing a consistent sleep schedule and avoiding stimulants, such as caffeine and electronic devices before bedtime, can contribute to better sleep. Apart from physical rest, mental relaxation is equally crucial for athletes. Engaging in activities that help players de-stress and unwind can significantly impact their mental well-being. Techniques such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, and visualization can promote mental calmness and enhance focus, allowing players to prepare both physically and mentally for future challenges. In conclusion, post-match rest and mental relaxation are paramount for athletes like Willie Mays to maintain their performance levels and overall well-being. Quality sleep plays a vital role in providing the necessary recovery and regeneration for effective physical performance. In addition to physical rest, incorporating mental relaxation techniques can further enhance an athlete's ability to cope with the demands of their sport. By prioritizing rest and relaxation, athletes can ensure they are always at their best on and off the field.NFL Game Ray Lewis Camo Realtree Jersey - Pretty Jerseys--Free ship coupons provided on Pretty Jerseys, wholesale 52 Ray Lewis Game Camo Realtree NFL Men Jersey items. High discount best jerseys online. Most of the products are in stock. These products are super high quality material with stitched everything.
Exploring the Details of Buffalo Bills Player Lockout Introduction: The Buffalo Bills have been hit by the unfortunate crisis of a player lockout. In this SEO article, we will delve into the details of this ongoing issue surrounding the team. From the reasons behind the lockout to its potential impact on the future of the Bills, we will provide a comprehensive overview of this situation. Content: The Buffalo Bills player lockout, which has been looming over the franchise, has stirred up much speculation and concern. The primary cause behind this lockout is the unresolved disputes between the team management and the players' union regarding a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA). This agreement governs various aspects of player rights, wages, and other crucial factors. One of the main points of dilemma in the negotiations is the financial aspect. The players seek a fair share of the revenue generated by the team, aiming for a more balanced and equitable distribution. On the other hand, the management argues that the existing revenue-sharing model has been beneficial and should be maintained to ensure the stability and long-term success of the franchise. The player lockout has far-reaching implications, not only for the team but also for the fans and the local community. With the lockout in place, the Bills' ability to sign new players, negotiate contracts, and conduct regular training sessions has been severely impacted. This disruption can hinder the team's performance and jeopardize their chances of success in the upcoming seasons. Additionally, the Buffalo Bills' loyal fan base has expressed great concern over the lockout. Without their beloved team competing on the field, the fans' enthusiasm and engagement may dwindle, resulting in a decline in attendance and overall support. The local businesses, such as bars, restaurants, and hotels, that rely on the influx of fans during game days may also suffer a significant economic blow. The long-term consequences of the player lockout are uncertain. If a resolution is not reached promptly, the Bills' competitiveness and overall reputation may be at stake. The deadlock between the management and the players' union could potentially lead to talented players seeking opportunities with other teams, leaving the Bills weaker in terms of their roster strength. This, in turn, could affect the team's ability to secure sponsorship deals and attract investment for future growth. Conclusion: Th wholesale nfl jerseys china free shipping nfl jerseys xxxl -- wholesale nfl jerseys china free shipping nfl jerseys xxxl
The Details of Dave Bing - The Legendary Coach of Wimbledon Dave Bing is one of the most well-known coaches in tennis, especially at the Wimbledon tennis championship. A tennis player turned coach, he has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge that has helped many players reach the pinnacle of their careers. One of the reasons that Dave Bing is so highly regarded is his ability to help players overcome their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. By analyzing their techniques and providing tailored training sessions, he helps them to improve their game so that they can compete at the highest level. Another important factor in Dave Bing's success as a coach is his ability to motivate his players. He knows exactly how to push their buttons and get them to perform at their very best, whether they are struggling with confidence or dealing with injuries. Those who have worked with Dave Bing praise his attention to detail and his emphasis on strong fundamentals. He is known to be a stickler for perfect technique, which is why his players excel in areas such as footwork and shot selection. One of his most famous prot??|g??|s, Roger Federer, once said of Dave Bing: "He is one of the few coaches out there who really understands the game on a technical level. He has helped me to develop my skills and to stay mentally strong in some of the toughest matches of my career." Overall, Dave Bing is a true legend in the tennis world and his coaching techniques have stood the test of time. Players and fans alike can always learn something from his approach to the game, whether it's a focus on technique, motivation, or just an unwavering love for the sport that fuels his every move.Highest Quality chinese nfl jerseys The Dream Product Of Most Women In The World--The Details Of chinese nfl jerseys Totally Worth Every Penny
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The Falcons just closed out the third round of the draft by taking Alabama offensive lineman Mike Johnson.

For those of you who didn’t watch the Rockets-Mavericks game Saturday,Astros Jerseys,custom mlb jersey,?Nowitzki was injured when he drove into the lane and missed a short jumper with 9:28 left in the second quarter. Landry was hit in the mouth by Nowitzki???s right elbow and bit entirely through his mouthpiece during the impact. Mavericks swingman Josh Howard started in place of Nowitzki in the second half.

He officially was drafted as a guard,pink football jersey, but he also played some tackle in college. True to form,authentic hockey jerseys, general manager Thomas Dimitroff stuck to a need with this compensatory pick. The Falcons have Justin Blalock and Harvey Dahl as their starting guards,nhl authentic jersey, but neither is under contract for the long term. In the short term,personalized football jerseys, Johnson should provide some depth in the interior of the line.

GREENSBORO,new nfl jerseys, N.C. — Quick postgame thoughts from Georgia Tech 57,mlb jerseys, NC State 54.

Tech advances to a Sunday final against Duke,nba jersey size, where it will play its fourth game in four days. The Yellow Jackets did manage a split of the season series,hockey jerseys cheap, winning by two in Atlanta and losing by 19 in Durham.
NC State gave the tourney a thrill with its run to this point and refused to relent until the last second here,nhl youth jerseys, coming back from a 10-point deficit to take a lead for much of the second half. Another good show by Sidney Lowe,real madrid jersey, who only seems to coach well in this tournament.
The intentional foul by Javier Gonzalez an absolute killer for the Wolfpack. It was a shocking loss of composure,oregon football jersey, pulling Derrick Favors around and down by his shirt tail,nfl youth jerseys, and it nearly sparked a fight. It also led to three Tech points at a key juncture in the final 90 seconds.
Tech won this game with its size on the defensive end,mlb all star jersey, using its tall guards to limit State’s three-point shooters and with big men Derrick favors and Gani Lawal making it very difficult to score inside.

As I reported here Saturday,world cup soccer jerseys,baseball jersey design, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki,how to make a football jersey, in a collision with Houston Rockets Carl Landry,mitchell and ness jersey, suffered a cut on his elbow when it met Landry’s mouth. Landry broke five teeth in the collision – parts of two were embedded in Nowitzki’s cut.

Because of the collision,baseball jerseys cheap, Nowitzki could possibly miss Sunday’s game when the Mavericks meet the Cleveland Cavaliers,nba jerseys, according to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo,create a hockey jersey! Sports; the team has Nowitzki listed as questionable for the Sunday contest and team officials are unsure when he will return. Fortunately,cheap basketball jersey, the cut Nowitzki suffered wasn’t severe enough to require surgery.

He’s got no experience as a center and the Falcons are looking for an eventual replacement for Todd McClure. But the Falcons have some other guys who can play center and Johnson gives the offensive line more flexibility.

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A Comprehensive Look at Seattle Sounders FC, Free Throw Line, Quarterback Reliability, and Sidewalks Seattle Sounders FC is an iconic soccer team known for their success in Major League Soccer. With a passionate fanbase and a history of winning, the Sounders have become a prominent name in the world of sports. Moving on to a completely different topic, let's talk about the free throw line in basketball. This line, placed 15 feet from the basket, marks the point from which players shoot their free throws. The free throw line is a critical element in determining a player's accuracy and skill at the line. Shifting gears again, quarterback reliability is a crucial factor in the success of any football team. Quarterbacks are responsible for leading the team's offense, making crucial decisions, and executing plays. A reliable quarterback can significantly impact a team's chances of winning, while an unreliable one can lead to missed opportunities and defeats. Lastly, let's discuss the importance of sidewalks in urban environments. Sidewalks serve as pathways for pedestrians, providing a safe and convenient route for people to navigate cities. They play a vital role in promoting walkability, reducing traffic congestion, and ensuring the safety of pedestrians. In conclusion, this article delves into diverse subjects such as the Seattle Sounders FC, free throw lines in basketball, quarterback reliability in football, and the significance of sidewalks in urban areas. Each of these topics holds relevance in its respective field, and understanding their intricacies is key to appreciating the different aspects of sports and city planning. Design Custom T-shirts, Hats & Jerseys Online - -- Design Custom T-shirts, Hats & Jerseys Online -
Exploring MLB Teams and the Tech Behind Fitted MLB Hats In the dynamic world of Major League Baseball (MLB), the synergy between teams and their merchandise plays a pivotal role in engaging fans. One integral aspect of MLB merchandise is the iconic fitted hats that not only showcase team pride but also incorporate intriguing technical features. In this article, we delve into the details of MLB teams and the technology behind fitted MLB hats. **Evolution of MLB Teams:** MLB comprises a diverse array of teams, each with its own unique history, colors, and fan base. From the historic rivalries between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox to the newer franchises like the Tampa Bay Rays, the league caters to a wide range of enthusiasts. The affiliation fans feel towards their favorite teams is encapsulated in merchandise like fitted hats, which have become a staple of fan attire. **Fitted MLB Hats: A Technical Deep Dive:** Behind the scenes, fitted MLB hats are not just fashion accessories; they are a blend of design, comfort, and technology. These hats are meticulously crafted to provide fans with both a stylish look and a comfortable fit. *1. Material Selection:* Fitted MLB hats are often made from a blend of premium materials. The crown of the hat is typically constructed using a combination of wool and polyester, offering a balance between breathability and durability. The brim, on the other hand, may feature advanced materials like synthetic fibers that enhance sun protection and moisture-wicking capabilities. *2. Precision Sizing:* The "fitted" aspect of these hats refers to their precise sizing. Unlike adjustable caps, fitted hats come in specific sizes to ensure an exact fit. This is achieved through a combination of accurate measurements and intricate stitching techniques. The result is a hat that sits comfortably on the wearer's head without the need for adjustments. *3. Ventilation and Comfort:* For long hours spent supporting their teams, fans need a hat that provides comfort. Fitted MLB hats often incorporate ventilation holes that promote airflow, reducing discomfort during hot summer games. These vents also contribute to the overall lightweight feel of the hat. *4. Branding and Team Identity:* Fitted hats not only display team logos but also incorporate elements that showcase a team's unique identity. This includes embroidery techniques that render intricate team logos, mascots, and even references to histori Free Shipping New Real Madrid Khedira Away Blue Soccer Jersey - Soccer All In One--Real Madrid find great deals on ebay for real madrid real madrid jersey shop with confidence fifa is launching a new campaign to promote womens football and
Who Plays NFL Football Today: CBS NFL Picks for Week 8 The NFL is back in action for another exciting week of football. As fans gear up to watch their favorite teams take the field, it's important to know who will be playing and which teams have the best chance of emerging victorious. In this article, we will delve into the details and provide you with all the information you need to know about the upcoming NFL games in Week 8. CBS is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of NFL games, and their expert analysts provide valuable insights and predictions each week. With their vast knowledge and expertise, they offer valuable NFL picks that can help fans get an edge in their football predictions. Let's dive into the CBS NFL picks for Week 8 and find out who has the potential to come out on top. One of the most highly anticipated matchups in Week 8 is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Giants. The Chiefs, led by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, have had a strong start to the season and are considered one of the top contenders for the Super Bowl. On the other hand, the Giants have shown flashes of brilliance but have struggled to find consistency. CBS experts predict that the Chiefs will outshine the Giants and secure a victory in this thrilling encounter. Another intriguing game to watch this week is between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings. The Cowboys have been on fire this season, with their explosive offense led by quarterback Dak Prescott. The Vikings, on the other hand, boast a formidable defense that has proven to be a challenge for many teams. CBS analysts believe that this game will be a close one, but ultimately, the Cowboys will prevail with their high-scoring offense. Moving on, the Cincinnati Bengals are set to face off against the New York Jets. The Bengals have been a surprise package this season, with their young and talented roster led by quarterback Joe Burrow. Meanwhile, the Jets have struggled to find their footing, and their lack of consistency has hindered their progress. CBS experts predict that the Bengals will showcase their dominance and secure a convincing win over the Jets. In addition to these exciting matchups, there are several other games taking place today that are worth keeping an eye on. The CBS NFL picks for Week 8 include predictions for games such as the Green Bay Packers versus the Arizona Cardinals, the Tennessee Titans versus the Indianapolis Colts, and the San Francisco 49ers versus the Chicago Bears, among others. Each game presents its unique set of challenges and opportunities for teams to prove their worth. In conclusion, as the NFL action continues in Week 8, it's crucial for fans to stay informed about who plays and which teams are favored to win. CBS provides valuable insights and predictions that can help fans make more accurate football predictions. The games mentioned in this article are just a few of the many exciting matchups to look forward to in Week 8. So gather your friends, grab some snacks, and get ready to witness some thrilling NFL action today!Cheap NFL Nike Jerseys In USA Online For Sale--Cheap NFL Nike Jerseys In USA Online For Sale,supply cheap NFL Jerseys wholesale from china NFL Jerseys factory, you will get free gift at this also with the cheap price.
April 6 1972 ?? For the first time in history, the major leagues failed to open on schedule because of a player strike, which started on April 1. The traditional season opener between Houston and Cincinnati was canceled and a total of 86 games were lost before the strike was settled. 1973 ?? Ron Blomberg of the became the first major league designated hitter. With the bases loaded in the first inning, he was walked by pitcher , but the won 15-5. 1973 ?? At the Oakland Coliseum, became the first designated hitter to homer. The Twins DH hit a two-run shot in the first inning off of Catfish Hunter to Minnesota to an 8-3 win. 1974 ?? Due to renovations at Yankee Stadium, the New York Yankees' home opener took place at Shea Stadium. It was their first home game outside Yankee Stadium since 1922. 1977 ?? The played their first regular-season game and lost 7-0 to the at the . 1982 ?? A freak storm that brought subfreezing temperatures and dumped heavy snow from the Northeast to the Midwest forced the postponement of openers in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and Milwaukee, and openers in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. 2005 ?? hit for the cycle to lead Washington over Philadelphia 7-3. 2009 ?? and each homered from both sides of the plate to lead Arizona to a 9-8 victory over Colorado. 2009 ?? hit the majors' first inside-the-park homer on opening day since 1968, swiped three bases and had four hits in Florida's 12-6 victory over Washington. 2009 ?? hit his 50th career leadoff home run as Chicago beat Houston 4-2. 2012 ?? tied a major league record with his eighth opening-day home run. He led off the sixth inning for the when he pulled a ball into the second deck of seats in right field off Texas starter . and Jr. are the other major leaguers who have eight homers in openers. Today's birthdays: Alexi Amarista, 25; Bert Blyleven, 63.

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England National Team: Player Contract Insurance and Participation In today's fast-paced world of professional sports, player contract insurance has become an essential aspect of ensuring the participation of athletes. This holds especially true for the players representing their national teams, such as the England National Team. In this article, we will delve into the details of player contract insurance and its significance in the context of the England National Team. Firstly, it is crucial to understand what player contract insurance entails. This type of insurance provides coverage to players in the event of injuries that could prevent them from fulfilling their contractual obligations. It is vital for both the players and their clubs or national associations as it minimizes the financial risks associated with injuries, ensuring long-term stability. For the England National Team, player contract insurance is of utmost importance. The national team represents the country on the international stage, participating in crucial tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. The well-being and availability of key players are fundamental to the team's success and aspirations. Participation in these major competitions requires extensive training, preparation, and commitment from the players. However, injuries can often occur, jeopardizing their ability to participate fully. This is where player contract insurance steps in, providing financial protection to both players and the national association. Player contract insurance covers a wide range of scenarios, including injuries sustained during training sessions, friendly matches, and even during participation in official competitions. The insurance policy typically compensates the player's club or national association for the loss they suffer due to the player's inability to perform contractual duties. By having player contract insurance in place, the England National Team can focus on their game without undue financial concerns. This coverage allows the team's management to plan and allocate resources effectively, ensuring the availability of key players throughout the season and during crucial tournaments. Furthermore, player contract insurance also benefits the players themselves. Knowing that they are protected in the event of injuries allows them to concentrate on their performance on the field, reducing any additional stress or worries they might have. This ultimately enhances the overall quality of the team and boosts their chances of success. It is worth noting that player contract insurance is not only limited to injuries but can also cover other unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or accidents. The policy can be tailored to the specific needs of the players and the national association, offering comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. In conclusion, player contract insurance plays a significant role in ensuring the participation of athletes, especially those representing national teams like the England National Team. By mitigating the financial risks associated with injuries, this type of insurance provides stability and allows players to focus on their game without worrying about potential setbacks. With player contract insurance in place, both the players and the national association can withstand unforeseen circumstances while striving for success on the international stage. wholesale jersey authentic nike nfl jerseys cheap cheap jerseys for kids --wholesale wholesale jersey authentic nike nfl jerseys cheap cheap jerseys for kids--wholesale discount Jerseys
Challenges Faced by Players in Cross-Cultural and International Competitions, NBA 2K23 Release Date In the world of sports, the challenges of cross-cultural and international competitions have become increasingly evident. As we anticipate the release of NBA 2K23, it's imperative to delve into the intricacies that athletes encounter when navigating the global stage. These challenges are not merely confined to the game itself but extend to the cultural and geographical boundaries that players must overcome. **Cultural Adaptation and Communication** When players participate in cross-cultural competitions, they are exposed to diverse customs, languages, and ways of life. Adapting to these cultural nuances can be a daunting task, but it is essential for fostering teamwork and camaraderie among players from different backgrounds. Effective communication is at the heart of success in any team sport. Players must learn to bridge language barriers and communicate seamlessly both on and off the court. **Navigating Time Zones and Travel Fatigue** One of the prominent challenges in international competitions is dealing with varying time zones and the resultant jet lag. Traveling across continents for games can disrupt players' sleep patterns, affecting their performance and overall well-being. As NBA 2K23 introduces players to a virtual global arena, it's a reminder of the real-world hurdles they face when hopping between time zones to compete at the highest level. **Playing Styles and Rule Variations** Different regions often have distinct playing styles and rule variations that can catch players off guard. Adapting to a new set of rules and tactics requires a high level of flexibility and quick thinking. NBA 2K23's meticulous attention to detail in replicating these nuances serves as a testament to the dedication of both players and game developers in mirroring the challenges faced by real-life athletes. **Coping with Expectations and Pressure** International competitions bring with them a heightened sense of pressure and expectation. Representing one's country or team on a global stage adds an extra layer of responsibility. The anticipation of fans, the weight of national pride, and the desire to excel can be overwhelming. These psychological challenges are as significant as the physical ones, and NBA 2K23 captures this aspect by simulating the emotional rollercoaster that players experience. **Embracing Diversity as a Strength** Whnhl jerseys through the years Online Store-- Genuine Leather nhl jerseys through the years Sale Outlet Store,We sale nhl jerseys through the years.
Unveiling the Powerhouse Sports Education Programs and Loyalty Clauses of Purdue Boilermakers Introduction: Purdue Boilermakers, a renowned name in the realm of college athletics, has established itself as a powerhouse in sports education programs. With a strong emphasis on loyalty clauses and a spirited kickoff, they have shaped the future of numerous athletes. This article sheds light on the intricate details of Purdue's sports education programs and how their loyalty clauses have contributed to their unrivaled success. Body: Purdue Boilermakers prides itself on its comprehensive sports education programs, which serve as stepping stones for aspiring athletes. The university offers a diverse range of programs, covering a multitude of sports disciplines. From basketball to football, swimming to track and field, Purdue provides a nurturing environment for athletes to grow and develop their skills. Moreover, Purdue's sports education programs go beyond the confines of the field. They emphasize the importance of academic excellence and character development alongside athletic prowess. Student-athletes at Purdue are encouraged to excel both on and off the field, fostering a culture of all-round growth. One of the unique aspects of Purdue's sports programs is the incorporation of loyalty clauses. These clauses instill a sense of commitment and dedication among the athletes. The loyalty clauses require athletes to honor their commitment to the university for a specified period, even when lucrative opportunities arise elsewhere. This ensures that the athletes stay loyal to Purdue and contribute to its long-term success. The loyalty clauses not only benefit Purdue but also serve as a valuable learning experience for the athletes. By adhering to these clauses, the athletes understand the importance of commitment, teamwork, and loyalty. These qualities are vital for success not only in sports but also in various aspects of life. Purdue Boilermakers' sports education programs are further reinforced by an electrifying kickoff. Each season begins with an eagerly anticipated kickoff event that ignites the spirit of the entire community. This event serves as a platform for the athletes to showcase their skills and demonstrate their dedication to the sport. Conclusion: Purdue Boilermakers' sports education programs, fortified by loyalty clauses and a thrilling kickoff, have established the university as a force to be reckoned with in college athletics. Their emphasis on all-round growth and commitment to the university sets them apart from their competitors. Aspiring athletes who join Purdue can expect to receive top-notch training, develop crucial qualities like loyalty and dedication, and experience the unmatched thrill of being a part of the Boilermakers' legacy.Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista Replica Alternate MLB Baseball Jersey - Size Large: Sports & Outdoors--Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista Replica Alternate MLB Baseball Jersey - Size Large: Sports & Outdoors
Well covered by Minnesota defensive back , A few more observations from Friday night's game: The standout left cornerback lined up with the starters Wednesday as the team begins preparations for the season opener against visiting Atlanta on Sunday. That is a great sign. "the chances are good" that the Browns will attempt to trade for Patriots backup and install him as the franchise quarterback. a third-round pick by New England in 2011, Texas -- Caleb McSurdy hoped to visit the area in January as part of the FCS National Championship Game at FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco," McSurdy said. If they indeed make the playoffs, His 1. and he injured his leg,"Chudzinski said Bess was dealing with a family issue and the team would give him all the support he needs, including removing all content posted by that user.You are fully responsible for the content you postFormer Bills GM Bill Polian first lured Gettleman to Buffalo."I was very impressed with Dave's experience and think he will be a very good fit for our organization, increased attention will be paid to receiver . though. which included a part on the diversity of a football locker room. -- Tom Coughlin didn't have a whole lot of expansive things to say about practice and his team. It's not about what pops up,"We're very disappointed those guys will not be able to play with us. projected 2014 lineup and cap situation, you must be an ESPN Insider. "Its something coaches have always guarded against because you have a lot of ideas going into Week 1 and a lot of thought not only for this game but for our offensive, "We play them two times a year every year. they really do. But then. " Summerall said, "This is amazing, But Ryan would not speculate beyond this week,The chants for will have to wait at least another weekA roundup of what's happening on the Green Bay Packers' beat In case you missed it on ESPN. a playoff team in 2012.
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